Free Online Dating Service – Are There Disadvantages And Are They Free?

The answer to the question about whether or not there are disadvantages in using a free online dating service site depends on who is doing the answering. If someone that favors a paid site responds to the questions about site quality, you can be certain that the answer will include some of the following factors. You can also be sure that some of the statements and characteristics ascribed to the free dating service sites are either incorrect or can be perceived as advantages rather than disadvantages. In order to rate the free sites, here are some of the common negative factors that are noted.

The numbers

The paid sites’ spokespersons state that you should use a paid site rather than a free online dating service because the free sites are smaller with fewer profiles posted on the site to select from. That may be true in the very early stages of a free site, simply because it takes time for momentum of members to build, no matter which type of site is considered. That statement is still modified by the initial advertising budget available to the web site. If it is identical, neither type of site has an advantage. If one budget for advertising is larger, it will likely provide more and better results, dependent upon whether or not the advertising budget is effectively used.

Geographical distribution

The statement has been made that it is harder to find a person to date who is close to the location of the searcher in a smaller area. Of course, that can be true of paid or unpaid sites. In a small data base, it may be skewed in either the direction of positive information or that of few hits to provide a dating opportunity. Again, the payment of a membership fee does not guarantee that you will find results in an area of interest any more than does a free online dating service.

Web site security

Once again, paid site proponents state that the quality of the programming on the paid site is superior to that on a free online dating service site. However, although a larger budget may mean you have the option of paying a higher price for a programmer, the web site security is not guaranteed by more money. The quality of the programmer and the attention given by the web site owner to correct procedures to ensure handling sensitive information makes the difference between a good web site and a poor web site. Designing and building the web site and maintaining the accuracy and interest of the web site can be done through a budget in either the paid or free website.


With a free online dating service, you are dependent upon the advertising revenue you can drum up for the free internet service in order to be able to continue providing the service for members. Without membership you don’t have advertisers and without advertisers you don’t have as many members. The only difference with the paid sites is that there is more than one revenue source.

Finding True Love Through a Free Online Dating Service

Free online dating service sites are great channels where singles can look for potential lifetime partners. The Internet can be a very convenient place to find romance. In fact, those who are currently using a free online dating service can attest to this. However, despite their popularity, many people are still apprehensive about trying them out.

Modern technology has improved our lives in many ways. One of the aspects it has done so is in enhancing the ways for us to find old-fashioned romance. However, there is a growing misconception that a free online dating service seems to focus mainly on superficial relationships and immediate gratification.

It is true that for a good old romance to progress, both parties should further nurture the relationship to a more personal level. This takes some time to develop. However, with the fast-paced wonders of technology, it is virtually impossible for a free online Internet dating service not to provide an easy and quick means to establish a relationship.

Do not get the wrong idea, though. There are people who successfully find their mate through Ffree online dating service sites. There are thousands of successful marriages and relationships which have developed for singles who found each other through free online dating service sites. To be able to succeed just like them, you have to exert some effort in getting to know the person you are interested in. You should have a means to communicate in a more personal level in order to nourish the relationship. It is only by establishing a strong foundation that you can increase your chances for a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Remember too that a free online dating service is just like looking for someone in a nightclub or a bar. There are those who are looking for long-term companionship just as there are those looking for immediate gratification. If you want to find true love, you might have to exert a little more effort in looking for one.

It may not be easy at first, as there are thousands and thousands of individuals to choose from. You need to look through lots of profile and search for those who match your preferences. From there, you will need to narrow down your choices to include only those who have the same objectives as you have. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you have to send an email or two in order to introduce yourself, and wait whether the other party is interested or not. In the same way, you need to build a winning profile in order to attract attention of people who might potentially be a good mate.

If you are serious about finding a life-time partner and an old-fashioned romance, a free online dating service can be a very good option. There is no means to meet a wide number of people as conveniently as these dating services. It may also be wise to opt for other channels at the same time. The more options you allow yourself to have, the more chances you have of finding a good partner who will last a lifetime.

Top Ways to Find True Love With Free Online Dating Services

One of the biggest misconceptions about free online dating services is that you’ll only be able to meet people from the other side of the country. People say that you should never use these services because none of the partnerships will ever go anywhere but that’s just not the case, even with the long distance couples. However, before you get too far along in your plans to use these services, you need to decide where you want to look for a partner. Below are some pros and cons of the options, as well as a third choice you might want to consider.

Looking for Love Locally: Pros and Cons

When you join many of these free online dating services, you may be able to request searches for people in a very specific location. For example, you might want to narrow your search results to people in your specific city or state. Of course, making such a choice is going to automatically reduce your number of potential matches. Most people would view that as a negative but if you’re really not interested in dealing with a long distance relationship, then you’ll be happy for the simplicity.

Depending on the size of your chosen search location, you might narrow the choices down to nearly zero, especially if you’ve opted to use niche sites over general ones. That means you might end up having a really difficult time finding someone. That’s not always the case. If you live in a city like Chicago, for example, you’re bound to run into some local people that way.

One of the more serious disadvantages is that by restricting yourself to only a local search is going to reveal your general location. While you may not think that’s a bad thing, the truth is you need to be careful about protecting your identity as much as possible and may not want to take this chance.

Branching Out For A Relationship-Pros and Cons

The other option is to expand your search either nationally or to include a wider number of states. Different free online dating services will allow you to choose different filtering choices. Obviously, one of the drawbacks with this approach is that meeting in person could be logistically difficult. When and if you do make the decision, you may need to do a lot of advanced planning and may need to meet at a neutral mid-point between the two locations. You definitely don’t want to meet at one another’s home or any private place because of the obvious risks involved.

A clear advantage is that by looking at a larger area for potential mates you’re going to have a lot more options through the free online dating services and that is generally a very good thing when it comes to dating.

Another Option to Consider

While we’re on the subject of branching out, don’t leave out the possibility of searching internationally for a potential partner. Although there are risks of encountering con-artists, there are also some great opportunities using free online dating services in this way.